Paul Wackers residency: Studio visit this Saturday the 3rd of October

This Saturday afternoon, you are welcome to visit Paul Wackers's studio at ENCORE.

From 2p.m. to 7p.m.

Releasing 6 prints in a portfolio, edition of 50, A3 on Archive paper created and made by Paul with a Risograph printer during his stay in Brussels.

And presenting paintings made during his time here.

“I like the idea that objects and shapes are a way of creating a story or sentence without needing to give away to much outside of itself.” Paul Wackers
During a few weeks, the american artist will paint at Encore and live the Brussels way of life!

Simultaniously, Paul Wackers has a solo show called “New Alphabet” at Alice gallery right next door. The studio next to the gallery…  Don’t worry, the artist will not be presented like a monkey in a cage.  Paul isn’t sadomasochist.